7/27/2012 Time off

We’re headed for Bayfield, Wisconsin for a much-needed vacation in Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands. You won’t see any more posts here until we return. Then, refreshed, we’ll turn our attention to preparing for the book’s release and the Release Party from 2-5 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Feasting Fox, 4200 S. Grand in St. Louis.

See you when we come back!

7/21/2012 Back to the video

With the book finished, I’m turning my efforts towards promotion. Today I went with videographer David Ayres to G.&W. Bavarian Style Sausage Company in South St. Louis to shoot more of the promotional video for the book. G&W represents the “Brats” in the name of the book. I spoke in front of the camera in part of it. David also shot some video of the bratwurst, etc. We’ll work on it some more Sunday.

7/19/2012 Some final sweeping up

I did some cleanup tonight that really marks the end of writing Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans. Matt Heidenry, my editor, sent me back a PDF of the book after he inserted the corrections I made in the proofs.

I went over them to make sure everything was done right. There were only a few changes. After sending Matt an e-mail detailing what needed to be done, I’m really, really finished. 

For now, it’s time to put all my energies into selling this book. See you at the release party, from 2-5 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Feasting Fox, 4200 S. Grand in the city.

7/17/2012 Finished. Done. Finito. Fertig. Race over.

Lorraine and I finished proofing the manuscript tonight. That could mean the book’s done, although Matt Heidenry’s given us the option of checking a new PDF for tiny mistakes during his vacation next week.  There are only a handful left, if any. Now it’s on to the next phase, which is promotion. So tell me, should I check for little stuff, or should we relax next week?

7/16/2012 Almost done

We’ve had my manuscript under a microscope for about six week. Five sets of eyes have looked at it, some repeatedly. Tomorrow night we’ll finish. The next day, Lorraine will take it to Matt Heidenry.  He’ll send back a PDF so we can still check for very minor stuff the next week, while he’s on vacation. But we may not even bother. It’s inches from being ready to go.

7/14/2012 9 p.m. Coffee with a professor

Today I met UMSL History Professor Steven Rowan for the fourth time for coffee at Northwest Coffee in Clayton. Steve’s one of the foremost experts on Germans in St. Louis and has written, translated and edited numerous books on the subject. From the beginning, he’s been generous with his time and a wonderful source. 

Steve recently agreed to read over my book. Today’s session was especially valuable because of the numerous corrections and helpful suggestions he made. The book will be much better because of him.

Steve said he plans to come to my release/signing party from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16 at the Feasting Fox Restaurant, 4200 S. Grand Blvd. in the city. If you come, you may want to say hello.  Ask about his latest book, The Baron in the Grand Canyon: Friedrich Wilhelm von Egloffstein in the West. I plan to buy it.