All in the Family

The brewing magnate Adolphus Busch, shown at left, wasn’t the only member of his family to run a brewery in the St. Louis area. Adolphus’ older brother opened one in Belleville, Ill. in 1834. In 1848, George opened a malt house and brewery in St. Louis called both Busch’s Brewery and Buena Vista Brewery.
Another brother, John Baptiste Busch, started a brewery in Washington, Mo. in the 1850s that operated until the start of prohibition.
Adolphus, meanwhile, went into the brewing business with his father-in-law Eberhardt Anheuser in the 1860s. With their product, Budweiser, they soon were dominating brewing in St. Louis and the country.
The story of the multiple Busch brewers is on Page 161 of Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans. The release/signing party for the book will be from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16 at the Feasting Fox Restaurant, 4200 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis.

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