9/14/2012 Just two days to go? Better get ready

a href=”https://stlouisgermans.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/deadline2.jpg”>Just two days until the release-signing party for Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans from 2-5 p.m. Sunday at Al Smith’s Feasting Fox Restaurant, 4200 S. Grand Blvd. I know what that means. Time to stop Verzögerung (delaying).

I took off work today so I could practice my readings, buy last-minute decorations and finish off my to-do list. It was rush-rush-rush from daybreak to midnight. (More or less).

And you? How are you responding? Have you cleared your schedule for Sunday afternoon? Are you in the German mood yet? Do you have your $21.50, cash or check, for a copy I’ll personally inscribe? The moment will come, and you won’t be ready. It’ll be zu spät, too late. This kind of release-signing party only comes once in a lifetime.

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