Novel for Sale

I’m proud to announce that the Leslie H. Stobbie Literary Agency is marketing my unpublished novel Black Island. The Christian novel tells the story of how a bitter old lighthouse keeper learns he hasn’t wasted his life on an isolated Lake Superior lighthouse. It’s based on the Devils Island Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands of Western Lake Superior, where my wife and I have vacationed a number of times since 1995.

After I finished the novel in 2003, I kept it on my computer but didn’t do anything else with it. Then in early June, I marketed it to agents at the Write-to-Publish Christian writer’s conference at Wheaton College near Chicago. I was actually there to pitch a nonfiction book I’m working on with a coauthor. The Leslie H. Stobbie Literary Agency also is marketing that. No, I won’t say what it is until we sell it and have been writing for a while.

Of course, getting an agent isn’t the same as selling a book. But it brings the process closer.devilsislandlighthouse243sm[1]lesheadshotthumbnail[1]

Come to the Library

logo I’m doing a program about The Making of an Icon: The Dreamers, The Schemers, and the Hard Hats Who Built the Gateway Arch at 7 p.m. Thursday July 17 at the Buder Branch of the St. Louis Public Library, 4401 Hampton Ave. Come by, hear some stories, and buy a book.