Charlie Brennan is Having Me Back

Most of us won’t be laboring on Labor Day,  So it’ll be a good time to sit back and listen to Charlie Brennan interview me on KMOX AM 1120 from 9:35 a.m. to 10 a.m. Out-of-towners can listen in to the program at Charlie’s the dean of local talk show hosts and the host onContinue reading “Charlie Brennan is Having Me Back”

Out to St. Charles for Some Gemütlichkeit

Monday will be a good time to mosey out to St. Charles. The German Chapter of the St. Charles Sister Cities has invited me to come out and talk about one of my favorite subjects, St. Louis Germans. I’ll do some readings about St. Louis Germans from all three of my books, Beer, Brats, andContinue reading “Out to St. Charles for Some Gemütlichkeit”

The Gateway Arch Means Business

From the beginning, businesses have adopted the Gateway Arch as a symbol of St. Louis. The Missouri Secretary of State’s online database of corporations lists more than six hundred corporations, present and past, whose name starts with the word Arch. Compared to the number of corporations starting with the word Gateway, that’s a handful.  AsContinue reading “The Gateway Arch Means Business”