Just in time for Christmas – A Christmas story

I wrote this in the late 1990s and still love it. The characters formed the basis for my unpublished novel. It appeared in Lighthouse Digest magazine around 1997 and in the Michigan Authors Syndicate’s newly-published anthology Bald Eagle Stew. It’s a fun little story about a family at Christmas and a father’s odd way ofContinue reading “Just in time for Christmas – A Christmas story”

I’m an honorary Michigander

I got that way when my friend and co-writer Malcolm Magee included me among the members of the Michigan Authors Syndicate who contributed to the newly anthology, Bald Eagle Stew. My contributions include a piece about a job seeker who takes solace in The Most Useful Word in the World, a lighthouse keeper and hisContinue reading “I’m an honorary Michigander”

Selling and signing at selling and signing at City Hall

I’m having fun selling and signing my books today in the City Hall Rotunda. Catherine Smentkowski, my big source at City Hall, took these pictures. The three books I’m holding in one picture are my three books (of course!) The one book I’m holding in the other picture is Kevin Killeen’s classic about life inContinue reading “Selling and signing at selling and signing at City Hall”

Lots of ways to get a book

When you’re out and about Friday and Saturday, you’ll have lots of chances to buy an autographed copy of my books. First, you’ll find me in the rotunda of the St. Louis City Hall all day Friday. Then from 11 a.m.-1 p.m on Saturday, I’ll be at Vintage Bazaar, 5520, Virginia Ave. From 1:30 toContinue reading “Lots of ways to get a book”