I’m an honorary Michigander

baldI got that way when my friend and co-writer Malcolm Magee included me among the members of the Michigan Authors Syndicate who contributed to the newly anthology, Bald Eagle Stew. My contributions include a piece about a job seeker who takes solace in The Most Useful Word in the World, a lighthouse keeper and his family at Christmas and a boy who wonders if his mirror image is in a passing boat.

Together, the book is eclectic, strange, and fun. The piece about it in Amazon.com says, “A stew is a sum of its parts. The Michigan Authors Syndicate is proud to present Bald Eagle Stew, a tasty but somewhat irreverent conglomeration of fatty fiction and fresh poetry in a light broth of Americana, with a dash of satire and peppery fireworks. God Bless ‘Merica.”

For details, and to order through Amazon.com, go to http://www.amazon.com/Bald-Eagle-Michigan-Authors-Syndicate/dp/1503271730

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