Where were you Saturday morning?


As you can see, I was signing my books at the Tower Grove Farmers Market Saturday morning. How come I didn’t see you? If you were there, you’d have seen all kinds of good food and drink, talked to all manner of people who’d bought my books and maybe carried a sign in a demonstration against Monsanto’s GMOs. You still can redeem yourself. I’m taking this Saturday off for our anniversary (Love you Lorraine!), but will be at the Arnold Farmers Market on June 6 and back at the Tower Grove Farmers Market on June 13. If you missed those, you are without excuse.

Great Questions at the Maifest

Kendall (2) I talked with plenty of great people when I  signed books at the German Cultural Society’s Maifest Sunday in House Springs.  But my favorite is Kendall Smith, who is shown here with me holding a copy of my book, Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans. Kendall, a student at Orchard Farm Elementary School in St. Charles,  asked me some really intelligent questions about the Germans’ role in saving Missouri for the Union during the Civil War.  Then he told his grandpa, Kenny Biermann he wanted Beer, Brats, and Baseball. When grandpa told Kendall he had a copy of Beer, Brats, and Baseball to give his grandson, Kendall got him to buy another of my books, The Making of an Icon: The Dreamers, The Schemers, and The Hard Hats Who Built The Gateway Arch. It’s no surprise that Kendall likes history at school.

The rains don’t stop us

TG Market

The rains couldn’t stop us at the Tower Grove Farmers Market this morning, seen here from my tent. Neither did the heat that followed. I had a great time selling and signing books and talking to people who already bought them. It’s amazing how many have. Come down and talking to me at my booth next Saturday, morning May 23 at Tower Grove Park. Better yet, come see me selling and signing at the German Cultural Society’s  Maifest tomorrow (Sunday) at 5020 West Four Ridge Road in House Springs. (Best to Google Map it or use GPS.) There’s great food, great drink and great music. OK, the sight of me in lederhosen may be a bit much to take, but you’ll get over it. 🙂