Give Thanks for This

Besides good health, good friends, and a marvelous turkey dinner, I could thank God on Thanksgiving for helping me keep up with my weekly deadlines for my book Colorful Characters of St. Louis. You’ll be thankful next fall when you read it. My cast of characters is expanding. The latest folks I’m writing about includeContinue reading “Give Thanks for This”

Have an ÜberCool Christmas

One of the pieces I most enjoyed writing for the second edition of Beer, Brats, and Baseball: German-Americans in St. Louis concerned a most unusual St. Louis-based German band. ÜberCool plays German music, but not always what you’d expect to hear at an Oompah concert. It plays the pop music coming out of German carContinue reading “Have an ÜberCool Christmas”

Writing’s just a part of it

Once upon a time, a writer’s job was just about done when the letter came that said “We’ve accepted your manuscript.” Sure, she knew there would  be a few signings, interviews, and programs, but they didn’t amount to much. It’s no longer true. Today publishers expect their writers to carry a heavy load of promotion.Continue reading “Writing’s just a part of it”

The Slog Toward Publication

If everything works out, next fall you’ll be able to put down your $19.95 (plus tax) for my latest book,  Colorful Characters of St. Louis. In it, you’ll read about all kinds of interesting folks, including a champion dog and chicken thief who did his work around 1900 and a guy who’s obsessed with rescuingContinue reading “The Slog Toward Publication”

God Did That, and I’m Glad He Did

“I don’t believe in God,”  I told my mother. “You don’t believe in God?” she said. “Look at the stars. Look at the birds. Look at the trees. Do you think that just happened?” “Aw, mom,” I said. But when I thought about what she said, I agreed. It’s too complicated, especially now, when we’reContinue reading “God Did That, and I’m Glad He Did”

With Help From a Friend, Veronica Goes Home to Jesus

The above words of Jesus, spoken soon before his crucifixion, aren’t easy to heed. They mean getting away from people we’d prefer to befriend and spending time with those who may not have much going for them. Happily, my wife Lorraine listened to those words and did the right thing for six years for somebodyContinue reading “With Help From a Friend, Veronica Goes Home to Jesus”