The Campaign Continues

German4The dedication of two honorary street signs on a very cold day last Sunday,  January 17 means the campaign to mark the original German names of six streets that were renamed during World War I is halfway there.


On Sunday, we shivered as we dedicated a sign marking the name of Habsburger Place, the former name of Cecil Place. Then we rushed over and quickly did the same on Gresham Avenue. We dedicated a sign noting the original name of Kaiser Street and then rushed to the Mack on Macklind to warm up with drink and food.


German2In November 2014, we dedicated honorary street signs on the one-block Providence Place giving the original names Knapstein Place. Those attending included numerous members of the family of Frank Knapstein, the German immigrant builder who laid out the street.

That makes three. Ahead are projects to mark the former Fourth Street (formerly Bismarck Street);  Enright Avenue (former Von Versen Avenue); and Pershing Avenue (formerly Berlin Avenue) It’ll take a while, but we’ll get there.

(Pictures by Lansing Hecker)

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