Crown Prince of the Redbirds

Most people who remember Gussie Busch picture him as the St. Louis Cardinals owner who joyfully ran the team for more than forty-five years with joy and made it a source of pride for St. Louis. ¬†Oddly, though, Busch favored other sports early on. He favored riding horses, shooting, boxing, rodeo riding, and the theContinue reading “Crown Prince of the Redbirds”

Colorful Characters on the Way

When Mike Stein wanted to sell more furniture, he went on TV and yelled like a hyena about credit. When civil rights crusader¬† Percy Green wanted to draw attention to the lack of jobs for African-Americans in the construction of the Gateway Arch, he and another activist climbed a ladder 125 feet up the sideContinue reading “Colorful Characters on the Way”