Don’t Miss This Very Unusual Thing

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, the host of my release party-unusual thing this Sunday, looks dapper. To find out about his latest project to bring North and South St. Louis together, click here.

For months, I’ve thought that this Sunday (two days from today – mark the date), I’d hold a release party for my new book, The Colorful Characters of St. Louis. I’ve told everybody it’ll be from 2-5 p.m. at The Royale, which is just south of Arsenal, at 3132 South Kingshighway Blvd.

Now comes a man who suggests some thing else is afoot. I fear I should take him seriously.

“So this very unusual thing is happening at the bar on Sunday,” he wrote on his Facebook page Thursday.

A very unusual thing. Oh, my.

This is no ordinary man. He is Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, The Royale’s proud proprieter. He’ll be the host. More than that, he is one of the 80 Colorful Characters in my book. Even more, as fellow Reedy Press author and Colorful Character Amanda Doyle was quick to note, “Son, you’re not just a subject….you’re a cover boy, disembodied head!”

Steve’s disembodied head on the cover of my book.

Steve knows things. His bar is a classy thing. He loves boxing things. He loves Democratic Party things. He absolutely adores classic car things. So he may be right. My event on Sunday may be just a very unusual thing. As they say this election year, you decide. Show up and tell me if it’s something other than a release party for my book. I’ve held release parties for my three earlier St. Louis books published by Reedy Press. I never thought there could be something different this time.

But don’t worry. You’ll still meet plenty of Colorful Characters, you’ll still be able to buy a book and have me sign it. You’ll still have the kind of food and drink people expect at the Royale. You’ll still have the most fun you’ve had since you read my last book. And that’s not just a thing.



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