They’ve never seen anything like it in the universe

Of course they haven’t. On the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, nobody’s yet seen anything like The Colorful Characters of St. Louis. That’ll soon change. My book about eighty bigger-than-life St. Louisans comes to the Reedy Press warehouse on Sept. 15 and to stores shortly thereafter. Your best chance to get an autographed copy willContinue reading “They’ve never seen anything like it in the universe”

So Here’s Your Invite Already

You say you’re not going to the release party for my new book because nobody’s invited you? You’ve just lost your excuse. Here’s your invite, just like ones I’m giving out and mailing. If that’s not enough, print it out, put it in an envelope and mail it to yourself. Then get ready to party,Continue reading “So Here’s Your Invite Already”