Time With One Friend, Goodbye to Another

This weekend I said hello for a while to one of my favorite Colorful Characters, Raynard Nebbitt. Then I said goodbye to another of my favorites, Paul “Father Time” Pagano, at the visitation following his recent death at the age of 93. Raynard sat with me for part of the three hours I spent signingContinue reading “Time With One Friend, Goodbye to Another”

Your chance to say “Hi” to Raynard Nebbitt

Since last week, it’s been clear that a lot of people care for Raynard Nebbitt, the guy who always greets motorists driving under the Rock Hill Road overpass of Interstate 44 with a smile and a wave. Make that the Raynard Nebbitt Overpass, the name the Webster Groves City Council gave the bridge. Followers ofContinue reading “Your chance to say “Hi” to Raynard Nebbitt”

Some amazing numbers: an update as of 9 a.m. Wednesday

For all of 2015, I got close to 4,000 views. That’s a little more than 10 a day. Stats for September showed the kind of improvements you’d expect with a new book: 659 views, or more than 20 a day. Better but not great. Then came last week, and things went crazy. In four days,Continue reading “Some amazing numbers: an update as of 9 a.m. Wednesday”

Another Post-Dispatch Review

For the fourth time, Harry Levins of the Post-Dispatch has filed a thoughtful review of one of my books. “Jim Merkel has established himself as a popular historian of St. Louis, with fun-to-read books about the South Side, the city’s German-Americans and the people behind the Gateway Arch,” he writes in a piece in Sunday’sContinue reading “Another Post-Dispatch Review”