Don’t Count Freddy Out

Nobody at Amalgamated Conglomerated Marketing Enterprises, Inc. (That’s ACME, but you knew that.) worked harder or smiled wider than Freddy. Why shouldn’t he, since he always lived the words of his daddy, “Work hard, treat everybody fair, and the world will beat a path to your door?” Wouldn’t you know?  Freddy lost his job andContinue reading “Don’t Count Freddy Out”

Thoughts From a Good Egg

My friend from the far north, Robert Mackreth, is known for his widespread collection of cats, Newfoundland dogs and odd facts about the Lake Superior country. I was not at all surprised, then, when he e-mailed me the following dispatch from the Ashland (WI) Daily Press on Feb. 9, 1931. Iron River Hen Lays FreakContinue reading “Thoughts From a Good Egg”

Time for truth in social media

For years, I dreamed of doing the kind of reporting that everybody would notice. But when I arrived at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, my assignment seemed too small for a great journalist-to-be. Though the classes varied, the biggest lesson we learned was to get our facts right. It wasn’t enough to writeContinue reading “Time for truth in social media”

Master of Outrage

In St. Louis  in the 1960s, no civil rights leader was more a target of hatred than Percy Green.  Many hated him for his headline-grabbing street theater. Others said it was just what was needed to end discrimination and open up jobs to African Americans. The liberal Post-Dispatch called Green “St. Louis’s most outrageous man.”Continue reading “Master of Outrage”