What’s Your Choice?

books-36753_1280 (1).pngMy publisher and I are in a quandary  about my next book. We have too many ideas, three to be exact. You can help us decide which is the best. In a reply at the bottom of this post or an e-mail (southsidemerkel@gmail.com) tell me which of these ideas you thing is the best:

Growing Up in St. Louis: Interviews of dozens of St. Louisans, from 40 to 100, from all races and types, about their memories of our town when they were growing up.

Summer in the City: Same as above, only focusing on memories of summer.

Old Schools: Stories and memories about St. Louis schools that have closed, Catholic and public, elementary and secondary.

Did we miss anything? Is there anything I should know? Let me know.

Can’t want to hear from you!