A Third of the Way There

That’s right. So far, I’ve interviewed 34 people who started their lives here, for my upcoming book Growing Up St. Louis. When I get to 100, I’ll be done, except for a little matter of writing the book.  Meanwhile, I’m having a blast, interviewing every kind of St. Louisan about their experiences as youngsters. TheContinue reading “A Third of the Way There”

Why Busch Built the Bevo Mill

With the reopening of the Bevo Mill as Das Bevo, many have repeated a story that August Busch Sr. built it as a place to stop during for his 10-mile jaunt between the family estate at Grant’s Farm and the Anheuser-Busch brewery at Arsenal Street and South Broadway.   The fact is, it’s not true. AugustContinue reading “Why Busch Built the Bevo Mill”