Moving Toward 100 Interviews

The picture show 8-year-old Madelyn Heim around 1925, just when she was going through a particularly rough time. Her father had just left her mother for another woman, and her mother suddenly would die. But happier times were ahead, as a Bevo Mill neighborhood family took her in. The family gave her a name –Continue reading “Moving Toward 100 Interviews”

Buy ‘Em Before They’re Gone

Here’s your chance to buy one of the last copies I have of The Colorful Characters of St. Louis following the fire at the Reedy Press warehouse. Reedy will reprint them, but I don’t know when.  So if you want to get a copy for Christmas,  you should buy one of the 16 remaining collectors’Continue reading “Buy ‘Em Before They’re Gone”

What the Fire Meant to Reedy Authors

Various friends and relatives may have questions about how the fire in the Reedy Press warehouse affects me. Here’s my explanation. All of my books were burned in the fire.  I didn’t have insurance,  but I and the other Reedy Press authors didn’t need it. Let me explain. They were our books, but they wereContinue reading “What the Fire Meant to Reedy Authors”

Reedy Press Will Be Back

We’ve seen the movie. We know what happens next. But it’s good to remember this. A businessman faces disaster, so much that he goes off to end his life.  An angel-in-training intervenes and stops him and convinces him his life was worth living. He returns to see his many friends have restored his fortunes aContinue reading “Reedy Press Will Be Back”