Coming: The New Improved Gateway Arch Book!

1 ) Replace pic on viAmong other things, the fire in the Reedy Press warehouse in November destroyed all copies of my four books. It smarted, but is giving us a chance to make them even better. In late June, more or less, Reedy Press will issue The Making of an Icon: The Dreamers, The Schemers, and the Hard Hats Who Built the Gateway Arch, 2nd Edition. It’ll come just in time for the rededication of the Arch and Arch grounds on July 3.

The Making of an Icon became the go-to book about the Gateway Arch after it came out in 2014. The revised book will be even more comprehensive than the first one. It will featurenew information about the renovated Arch grounds and new museum along with plans to tie the icon to St. Louis’s downtown. You can read about the people who rappelled down the Arch in 2014 to investigate the stains on the Arch. And you can peruse dozens of new pictures.

The updated book will make the perfect subject for presentations at clubs or another addition to your library. Check back to for complete information.

Meanwhile, I haven’t forgotten Growing Up St. Louis, about my interviews of 100 people who spent their early years in St. Louis. It still should come out in 2019. I’ll be busy writing.

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