On to the Printer!


The view to the west from the top of the Gateway Arch, including the new entrance and the Park Over the Highway

This week, we finally finished the proofreading of my new Gateway Arch book and sent it off to the printers. I’m told copies of The Making of an Icon: The Dreamers, The Schemers, and the Hard Hats Who Built The Gateway Arch, 2nd Edition should be in the new warehouse no later than June 18. That’s more than enough time to have plenty of books on hand for the launch party from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, June 24, at The Royale St. Louis Bar and Grill, Tavern and Restaurant. Come have fun, buy a book and have me autograph it.

The book contains much of what I wrote about in the volume that appeared in 2014 and a lot more. There’s more than 60 new pictures. I offer some fascinating details about how the Arch got its shape. Just what is a weighted catenary curve, and why did Eero Saarinen care?  I’ve come up with some answers you wouldn’t expect. I wrote about the daredevils who rappelled down the Arch to check on the strange stains on the monument and devote space to problems that might come from cleaning it. Of course, I couldn’t leave out details about the $380 million re-do of the Arch grounds and museum.

I think it’s much better than the first book, which I always thought was my best book.  Now that you know, how could you not buy it?

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