A Great Day on Great Day St. Louis

great day interview
Kent Ehrhardt interviews me on Great Day St. Louis.

The KMOV studios were a great place to be this morning as I talked about The Making of an Icon, 2nd Edition, with Kent Ehrhardt of Great Day St. Louis.  We had fun on the Channel 4 morning program talking about how the Arch came to be. We also talked about a most important part of the project: the way-high-up outhouses on derricks on both legs.

After I left the KMOV studios, I swung by KMOX AM 1120 for an interview with Brian Kelly. I showed him one of the special projects experts said could clean the Arch: Bar Keepers Friend. I also showed off two chains meant to demonstrate the difference between a catenary curve and a weighted catenary curve. The Arch is a weighted catenary curve. That’ll be on either 8:20 or 8:50 Sunday.  You also can see a picture of my demonstration on Facebook. I’ll post a link.

If that’s not enough, my friend Steve Potter will broadcast an interview of me at 9 a.m. Friday on Alton station WBGZ 1570 AM and 94.3 FM. You also can hear it on podcast. .Hear all of them and then read the book


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