Don’t Use a GPS for this One

One notable South Side thoroughfare is Itaska Street. The city named it for the lake in Minnesota that is the true source of the Mississippi River. A handy tip: don’t try to find an address on “Itaska Street” by saying it into a phone with a GPS app. That’s because the lake in Minnesota isContinue reading “Don’t Use a GPS for this One”


My Very Strange Book Ends at Statue of Very Skinny Alien

My upcoming book giving a walking tour of strange South St.. Louis ends at a 33-foot tall space alien in front of the Plantarium in Forest Park. Have you ever seen a picture of an alien that wasn’t skinny? Maybe somebody needs to fatten him up before they send him back. You’ll read many moreContinue reading “My Very Strange Book Ends at Statue of Very Skinny Alien”