Memories of a Long, Lost St. Louis

  By far the oldest of the more than 100 people I interviewed for Growing Up St. Louis was Dorothy Hunter. I met her in the spring of 2017 in her room in the Meramec Bluffs Care Center, an assisted living facility in Ballwin. Born in 1907, the retired school teacher was 109, but hadContinue reading “Memories of a Long, Lost St. Louis”

The books are in, and they look great

Copies of Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades came into the Reedy Press warehouse on March 26, 2020,. That’s 1,159 days (three years, two months and four days after I turned in a proposal to Reedy Press Publisher Josh Stevens. It wast worth waiting for. It’s not going to take you thatContinue reading “The books are in, and they look great”

How will they look back at the virus?

I wonder what kids today will remember about COVID-19 half a century from now. From what I discovered in writing Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades, their memories should be vivid and fairly accurate. I interviewed a couple of experts about remembering things, and they talked about something called “flashbulb memory.” PeopleContinue reading “How will they look back at the virus?”

‘Growing Up St. Louis’ is almost here

After more than three years’ work, Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades  will be out in a month. Officially, the release date is April 1. Unofficially, I’ve been told, it may show up at bookstores a week or two early. I think you’ll like how the snippets of my interviews of moreContinue reading “‘Growing Up St. Louis’ is almost here”