Larger Than Life

Before the Civil War, Heinrich Boernstein edited the biggest and best German-language newspaper in St. Louis, was the main force behind the city’s German theater, and ran a brewery and beer hall. He led a regiment at the beginning of the war in an action that kept St. Louis on the Union side. But  heContinue reading “Larger Than Life”


7/21/2012 Back to the video

With the book finished, I’m turning my efforts towards promotion. Today I went with videographer David Ayres to G.&W. Bavarian Style Sausage Company in South St. Louis to shoot more of the promotional video for the book. G&W represents the “Brats” in the name of the book. I spoke in front of the camera inContinue reading “7/21/2012 Back to the video”

7/19/2012 Some final sweeping up

I did some cleanup tonight that really marks the end of writing Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans. Matt Heidenry, my editor, sent me back a PDF of the book after he inserted the corrections I made in the proofs. I went over them to make sure everything was done right. There were onlyContinue reading “7/19/2012 Some final sweeping up”

7/17/2012 Finished. Done. Finito. Fertig. Race over.

Lorraine and I finished proofing the manuscript tonight. That could mean the book’s done, although Matt Heidenry’s given us the option of checking a new PDF for tiny mistakes during his vacation next week.  There are only a handful left, if any. Now it’s on to the next phase, which is promotion. So tell me,Continue reading “7/17/2012 Finished. Done. Finito. Fertig. Race over.”