A One in a Million Coincidence

People say St. Louis is the world’s biggest small town. You’re always running in to somebody with a connection to yourself. I can believe it, after seeing one huge coincidence in the writing of my book, Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades. I interviewed more than 100 people about their experiences growingContinue reading “A One in a Million Coincidence”


A Safe Place for a Public Event?

For months, I had big plans for April 12. That was the date of the big Launch Event for Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades at the Central Library downtown.  I expected to fill all 250 seats, with people I interviewed, friends and folks attracted by an extensive publicity campaign. That endedContinue reading “A Safe Place for a Public Event?”

The Post-Dispatch Reviews My Book

“Remember the year school was canceled, vacations were postponed and birthday parties consisted of drive-by parades? Young St. Louisans will have vivid coronavirus tales to tell to their own kids and grandkids?” writes St. Louis Post-Dispatch Book Editor Jane Henderson in her review of my book Growing Up St. Louis: Looking Back Through the Decades.Continue reading “The Post-Dispatch Reviews My Book”

Memories of a Long, Lost St. Louis

  By far the oldest of the more than 100 people I interviewed for Growing Up St. Louis was Dorothy Hunter. I met her in the spring of 2017 in her room in the Meramec Bluffs Care Center, an assisted living facility in Ballwin. Born in 1907, the retired school teacher was 109, but hadContinue reading “Memories of a Long, Lost St. Louis”