A final cover means we’re ready to go

This is exciting stuff. We finally have a cover for our book, and what a cover it is. At the top is a colorized version of a splendid late 1940s-era black and white picture given to us by Cora Katzen (center). Cora’s a charming and funny woman who shared her stories for Growing Up St.Continue reading “A final cover means we’re ready to go”


Hold That Date: Saturday, April 11, 2020

That’s when the St. Louis Public Library – Central Library – will host the launch event for my book, Growing Up St. Louis. Don’t miss it. It’ll start at 1 p.m. and definitely be worth your time. If you can’t make it, Growing Up will be in bookstores and online starting a little before AprilContinue reading “Hold That Date: Saturday, April 11, 2020”

The Finish Line is Within Sight

At times, I’ve thought I’d never finish writing Growing Up St. Louis, my book telling the stories of more than 100 people I’ve interviewed about their experiences as youngsters in the Gateway City. I started talking about it late in 2016. Things dragged. I had to change things around. But now it looks like we’llContinue reading “The Finish Line is Within Sight”

18 Stories of Growing Up in St. Louis

The motley crew in the picture above is 18 of the more than 100 folks I interviewed for my upcoming book Growing Up St. Louis, plus me, at the far left back. We gathered this past Sunday at C J Muggs Bar & Grill in Webster Groves to schmooze and hear each other tell storiesContinue reading “18 Stories of Growing Up in St. Louis”

The Shutdown Won’t Shut Us Down!

It’s odd to imagine, but one place where you won’t be able to buy a signed copy of my book about the Gateway Arch this weekend is the Gateway Arch. The government shutdown shut down the Arch, where I was set for a book signing on Sunday. But you do have three other opportunities byContinue reading “The Shutdown Won’t Shut Us Down!”