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With this post, Heidi the Beer, Brats, and Baseball beer lady officially moves to a new web address I’ve been working on: stlouisgermans.com. I’ve posted at jimmerkelauthor.wordpress.com for several months but want to be at the new address before we publish the book. She’s also been on Facebook at the address Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans and occupies the bottom left corner of the cover of my book of the same name. In the new website, there will be lots of neat features that will help people get the most enjoyment from Beer, Brats, and Baseball  as well as learn about the German community here. I’ll have a link to the old website. Reading it since I started gives a sense of the commitment needed to write a book.


Writer’s Diary 6/27/2012

 I picked up the last stack of proofs from Matt Heidenry today. right. I read it over. It looks pretty good. I’ll spend the rest of the week working on it. I also worked on my new website. As you can see, the website looks pretty good. The guy with the knobby knees at left looks sort of like I’ll look when I wear lederhosen at my release party from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16 at the Feasting Fox, 4200 S. Grand, St. Louis.

My time as Santa Kraut

Constance2When Constance Cafazza e-mailed me an order of eight copies of Beer, Brats, and Baseball: St. Louis Germans and one copy of Hoosiers and Scrubby Dutch: St. Louis’s South Side, I volunteered to deliver it myself, in lederhosen. I had a blast with Cafazza and Chaz Niemoeller at their Bevo Mill home last night.

constance1Chaz bought the eight copies of Beer, Brats, and Baseball, while Constance bought one copy of Hoosiers and another copy of The Making of an Icon: The Dreamers, the Schemers, and the Hardhats Who Built the Gateway Arch. She’s with me in one of the two pictures here.

This is absolutely the best part of writing.

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